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How long do jellyfish stings hurt?
June 20, 2008, 11:14 pm
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I forgot to say that I got nailed above the right boob by a jellyfish This happened at least ten days ago and it’s still itchy, though the swelling and individual venom spikey bites have diminished away to almost nothing.

And yes, it hurt a lot a lot. Surprisingly so. Remember, I’m the person who thought that a totally unmedicated childbirth wasn’t that bad compared to other things I’ve gone through. I’ve done me some hardcore pain in my life and this was right up there. I’ve never been shot, but the suddenness of the “oh shit, something is really localized and wrong” and the immediate visceral kick of “get away, get away, get away” that comes from the adrenaline is something that I suspect compares somewhat. Because I got raked by a tentacle that had come separated from the jellyfish itself, I never saw what hit me really — so one moment I was bobbing happily in the ocean and the next I was hauling ass out of the water throwing seawater at my tit and crying like John Lennon died. Life really is that precarious.

Anyhow, does anyone know how long this is going to go on? If it’s the new normal for the next three months, I’m fine with that, but I’d just like to know. I can’t seem to find any straight answers on the ‘net.


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I don’t know if you already have this; if so, sorry for the redundancy:

Comment by democommie

Too late for the immediate remedies (though I did vinegar and salt water it when I got out of the ocean). Good to know that it will be going away directly.

Comment by bridgett

For people who look up this thread, here’s my personal experience. I got stung on June 10th and by July 2, it’s pretty much faded to a mildly itchy dry patch.

Comment by bridgett

My little sister got stung July 5th and it is now july 11th. The big welt is still on her leg and now its itchy. Most pain in jellyfish stings only last a few weeks. you should recover very soon. if it starts swelling again you might just be getting a rash which is common. but if thats the case i suggest you see a docter.

Comment by Amanda

doctor… i correct myself. sorry.

Comment by Amanda

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