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Better by far than I thought it was going to be.
June 3, 2008, 9:27 pm
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My husband didn’t get laid off. (I cook up catastrophes in my head sometimes, just to keep myself sharp.) To celebrate that, he started his vacation an hour early and we took in a matinee of Indiana Jones. (I can’t remember the last time I went to the movies.) I had onion rings for lunch. The fence project that would not be finished finally got done and we hit upon an idea for the accursed bathroom project that just might work. (Poly-coated birch panels. I don’t know that the two of us — me mostly — are strong enough to rassle 4 X 8 1/2″ sheetrock up the stairs. Each of those babies weighs just shy of 100 pounds, so I’m all for something lighter.)

Oh yeah, and Obama has locked up the nomination.

Hard not to conclude the day with a sense of relief, given the dread with which I faced the morning.


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Dread. Did you think Indiana Jones was going to be that bad?!

Seriously – several years of doing the adjunct thing made me very familiar with the “Boy I hope I’ve got a job again next year” thing. I’m glad it was good news.

Comment by Gerald


Glad to hear that you’ll still have two “breadwinners” ( I think it takes two to win these days–or break even). The birch panels sound like a an idea. You could always put Georgia Pacific Denshield (tile underlayment) behind the panels, screw the panels to the studs (through the Denshield and remove the panels later if you decide to tile. Just a thought. Of course this is coming from a guy who has a toilet in the middle of the front hall, no kitchen sink, shower or tub, stairs, walls, wiring or supply plumbing–and it’s getting into “gamy” season!

Comment by democommie

No can do with the Denshield. Once you pierce the moisture barrier with screws, it loses its moisture resistance and I’ve heard from contractor buddies that it will go soft even in humid conditions even when you Redguard everything. Since this is the shower wall, I’m even less confident…maybe we’re stuck with Hardibacker or Wonderboard and trading beer for brawn.

Comment by bridgett

The “Indiana Jones” was a spontaneous decision. Yesterday was Kid’s last day of school, so it would be the last chance for a parental date for a while…

That being said, it was entertaining. Some things done well, some things needing an edit. I still think it would have been better if he had been hunting Nazis in Argentina in the 1950s and their supernatural interventions to summon Wotan..but maybe next time.

Comment by bridgett


I would not want to mislead you. I don’t think I’d use Denshield (having used it before) if I was going to tile. But when I used it, there was no caveat about piercing the surface (it has to be mechanically fastened to the frame) but, then, I always put modified acrylic tile cement on it right after it was installed. I just looked at GP website’s instructions for installation and it’s not changed much since I used it 10 years ago. I actually like Durock or its equivalent. Messy and heavy, but it works pretty well.

Sorry, if I’m sounding pedantic, I used to sell industrial supplies and more information was usually the safest policy.

Comment by democommie

No, totally appreciate it. If we were confident and well-informed…we would have never ripped it back to the studs to begin with (let’s be honest). All options are still on the table until later this summer, so I’ve got some time to think.

Comment by bridgett

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