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Rational prejudices (I got reasons, they just ain’t good ones)
May 30, 2008, 11:25 am
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This is a post about (ir)rational prejudices. These are things or people I can’t stand — and I have reasons for the burning dislike, but that reason is so laughable or stupid that it doesn’t make much sense. And really, should I even be wasting emotional energy caring one way or another about this crap? But push my button and out it comes — a near-groundless strongly held negative opinion about something or someone.

No, really. Ira Glass? Even though I loooooved the whole concept of This American Life and listened faithfully for the first couple of years it was on, he is now on my permanent shitlist despite obvious wit and talent in an NPR-ish sort of a way. Why? Because he was (reportedly) a jerk to Lynda Barry when they were dating. I so totally admire Lynda Barry’s work that even a rumor of anyone being mean to her is enough to send them to my stinky corner where they are unlikely to be paroled.

Another example. “Edward Scissorshand.” Never have seen it but am convinced (despite my enduring embrace of all things Johnny Depp) that it’s a terrible movie. It got concatentated in my brain with a boyfriend who I suspected had taken another girl to see it (and had the nerve to enjoy the experience!) To this day, I have no idea if that is true, yet I took out my jealousy and hurt over the affair on this movie. That was nearly twenty years ago, people! You would think I would get over it by now. But no.

Does everybody do this?


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If you’ve enjoyed everything else you’ve ever seen by Johnny Depp, then it’s a shame the memory of one potential moron is keeping you from enjoying a winsome, bittersweet little valentine to suburbia, outsider awkwardness, and loving someone or something even though it’s different and strange and even sometimes scary. And it’s got a Danny Elfman soundtrack and it also was Vincent Price’s last movie (and I don’t know about you, but I *love* me some Vincent Price).

You shouldn’t let the bad feelings about the ex keep you from the good time you’ll very likely have if you watch the movie–that’s no way to juggle the Felicific Calculus!

Comment by John Gruver

Vince Gill – he once cursed out a friend on the golf course.

Soccer – I never let my kids play soccer because the news told us that soccer moms gave us Bill Clinton, and I refused to be married to one of them. I’m not kidding.

Izod – My inability to afford the brand in high school caused me all sorts of social grief. Now that I can afford some Izod shirts, I refuse to buy them because of the bad memories.

Shrimp – the first time I ate it, I became sick. No doubt, I had a virus or something. But the association is there, I I haven’t eaten shrimp since that one time when I was a kid.

Comment by Slartibartfast

Um, yes…

Cabbage. Because of something that happened when I was hospitalized as a child. No detail needed.

I’ve been told by many moviejunkie friends that Joachim Phoenix is an excellent actor. and until “Walk the Line,” such a claim would send me screaming out of the room.

I’m obvioulsly missing the collective DNA that thinks he’s marvelous…

Gawd what an awful, preening, talentless hack.

(I consider “Walk the Line” to be an aberration. It was good, he did it I cannot argue the point)

Then, of course there’s my hate-on-sight of the Denver football team, when I’ve come to root for the Rockies and don’t feel disloyal doing so…But never the Broncos. Never.

And the last boyfriend. He knows who he is. (I too, should ‘get over it.’) but no.

I also recognize (and this is a serious prejudice that I need to confront, not snark like the others)

I despise willful ignorance, anyone who admits “well, I just don’t want to know… [insert fact or situation here]

The willfully ignorant and I would be better served if I took the time to figure out ‘why’ they don’t want to know.

Comment by imfunny2

Hey! In a big ol’ case of “me toos,” I likewise am a confirmed non-shrimp eater. I think I am probably allergic to it (my brother is allergic to shellfish and the only time I ever ate it I got immediately wheezy and nauseated). Unfortunately, I was a) in Quebec, b) on my very first “date” (at least it was closer than anything I had been on up to that point…I still remember what I was wearing, so I guess that counts), c) in a very fancy restaurant, and d) 14 years old. I had to find my way back to the hotel immediately and my French was not very good at the time (meanwhile torn between going cyanotic, barfing in my purse, and dying of embarassment). While later I did learn to tango hustle with Mark Loth (and we never even got so far as holding hands), I still blame the damn shrimp for my doomed first first date.

Comment by bridgett

And further — Vince Gill? Really? I used to know him distantly when he was a teenager back before he was “stuff. (It’s a long story…some of my extended family are bluegrass performers and radio owners and my dad’s side of the family is from Lawrence County, KY….Ricky Skaggs, who is from Lawrence County, went to school with my aunt…Vince and Ricky used to pal around because they were the same age (Vince was in a band called the Bluegrass Review and Ricky was then fiddling for the Country Gentlemen), we sometimes wound up at the same houseparties…) ” I remember him mostly as a very talented guy who would sit all night on the chest freezer and pick and sing. I wasn’t really old enough for him to notice one way or the other. It’s a shame that he got a case of the big-heads as he got older.

Yes, I am intellectually sure that Edward Scissorhands is a fine movie. I like Burton, Depp, Price, Elfman. I even know — distantly — that I’d probably really like it. Yet…no.

I think there’s something more significant to the way we hold onto these grudges. They are like the polders that we erect to reclaim bits of ourselves from the onslaught of minor bad news and over-identifications.

Comment by bridgett

Donna Shalala. When she was Chancellor at UW-Madison, she was walking her dog on a nice trail near town, while my grad-student and barista friends and I picnicked nearby. Her dog was huge (Shalala was, and is, tiny)–the dog headed straight for us and ATE A WHOLE WEDGE OF GOOD CHEESE, an indulgence we’d brought for our day-old baguettes. Did she apologize? No she did not. She laughed and kept going. I still get annoyed when I see her on TV, twenty years later.

Um, and anything pizza-FLAVORED, because that’s just wrong.

But Ira Glass? Noooo! Say it isn’t so.

Comment by pennylrichardsca

Well, imfunny2, if it makes you feel any better, IMO Phoenix was one of the two worst things about that movie (the other was the way they had Shooter Jennings coiffed as greasy long-haired Waylon instead of as beautifully-pompadoured Waylon, which is what he should have been at the time those scenes were set).

I won’t eat beets because of the way I hated them as a child. I have come to love almost every vegetable I didn’t enjoy as a child, but my hatred for beets is so complete that I’ve never even considered giving them another shot.

Comment by nm

Bushco. Oh, wait, that’s not irrational.


I don’t know if it will make you feel any better about the movie, but there’s an asshole boyfriend in the movie and well, it ain’t pretty.

I really dislike far too many people and things to make a list, but, the upside is I live alone, which spares us all.

Comment by democommie

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