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Feel Good Friday
May 30, 2008, 9:59 am
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Joining all the cool people (like Heartbreaktown, Newscoma, Gingersnaps, Left-Wing Cracker, Sharon Cobb…and probably a lot of others….)

Time to get your kicks, kids.


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Wow, Mark Lindsay before he went off on his psychedelic trip. Was that clip from “Hullabaloo” or “Shindig”? I love making playlists that have really wierd jazz, alternative, grunge, classical, pop and other stuff and just let it all play in shuffle, especially if someone I don’t want to spend time with stops by–I sing along.

Comment by democommie

I think it’s from Shindig. The hot blonde is rumored to be his girlfriend at the time, which accounts for why she gets so much screen time.

I used to watch them pretty much every afternoon on “Where the Action Is” on ABC — my brother was a teenager in a band and my mom liked pop music, so I was immersed in any pop music TV program that was going.

Comment by bridgett

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