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Can this be done? How can this be done?
May 30, 2008, 10:27 am
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Ok, here’s the deal. I have fallen in love with a totally poppin’ version of “Walking the Dog” done by Jackie Shane. Jackie (as almost nobody remembers) was a gender-bending (out, queer) soul artist of the mid-1960s — he didn’t cut a lot of records and the ones that survive are way too expensive for me and difficult to find. Yet…yet…

If anybody reading this has a 45 of this song laying around, I’d seriously love to talk about how I can get a copy.

Failing that, a televised performance of the song exists on Youtube. Is it possible to get an mp3 of good quality from a tv performance? If I wanted to use it for a dance performance, how would I pay ASCAP fees on this? Shane’s still alive and I want him to get his money.


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Working on it…!

Comment by John Gruver

Just for you:

That should ask you where you want to download a .zip file–just give it a destination, unzip it, and away you go.

Please let me know whether it’s of sufficient quality for you–I had to pull a few trick to produce it.

Comment by John Gruver

Thanks so much! I love it (you can really hear the room in the reverb, which I sort of like) and I’ll pass it on to the choreographer who will be working with it to see how it will sound “blown up” in a big hall.

Don’t you like this version of it? I think Robert Parker really was influenced by Shane when he was doing “Barefootin'”…

Comment by bridgett

Y’know…I was so busy getting it together that I didn’t actually sit down and listen to it–I’ll have to attend to that. I must admit that I don’t know the song, in any version–soul music is one of those areas in which I’m woefully underknowledgeable.

The file you have actually is taken from YouTube. There’s a trick through which one can access and download a higher-quality version of what plays on the YouTube page; I just grabbed that and ran a filter on it to take out the underlying hiss as gently as possible.

As for getting Jackie his money–I don’t know how one would go about that, but *someone* at a dance competition surely will.

Comment by John Gruver

I’m not optimistic. His (Canadian) record label has long since gone under and nobody gets royalties when you buy used records…

I heard it first through a bad Aerosmith cover but it’s one of those bumpin’ songs that a lot of people cover. I think it will be good for little girls to tap to because of the roll of it and also because of its nonsense lyrics taken from kid rhymes and clapping games.

Comment by bridgett

This doesn’t have “Walking the Dog”, but at least one can buy *something* by him:

Comment by John Gruver

One can also pay to download individual songs of his from AOL:

Sadly, though, still no “Walking the Dog”…and I haven’t been able to find it for sale anywhere else, either.

Comment by John Gruver

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