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Not to assume too much, but if…
May 29, 2008, 10:18 am
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Senator Obama does wind up as the Dem nominee, anybody care to do some speculating about who his running mate might be? What do you think of Jim Webb as a running mate?

What little I know of him suggests that he’s a pretty straight shooter and he’s a vet with huge cred in the mountain South. Any Democrat that can win in VA must know something about talking to Reagan Republicans. But really, I’d have to read up.

What would be the pros and cons of the so-called “dream team” ticket of Obama and Clinton?

(C’mon, people. I’m proctoring a three-hour final. Let’s talk politics!)


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No fair – the proctor gets to surf the web? 🙂

I don’t do politics anymore – too toxic for the soul. I’m the Shane, or the William Munny, or the Cort of politics. I digress, but some enterprising young Arts student needs to do a paper on the Reformed Gunslinger theme in Westerns.

But I loves me some pop American history.

Lloyd Bentsen didn’t help Dukakis one bit. Yeah, there was a great zinger in a debate, but only poli-geeks care about that sort of thing.

Edwards didn’t help Kerry, not in the way you are talking about.

Sargent, who?

Now, it can be argued that LBJ helped JFK (along with a little underhanded Chicago ballot counting). But, most would argue that LBJ was to the left of Kennedy. That being said, maybe the perception, especially as it pertains to race, was different at the time.

Estes Kefauver couldn’t even give Stevenson Tennessee. But Stevenson was the victim of a popular president, and his own arrogance.

I just don’t think the running mate matters very much.

So, how’s my history, teacher? Granted, I suscribe to the People Magazine version of history, but ya’ gotta start somewhere.

Comment by Slartibartfast


I don’t see Hillary adding anything to the ticket. The margins of victory in places like WVA will evaporate if the two of them run together or if Obama gets nomination. Those voters were asked to choose between two different folks they don’t want to vote for.

Jim Webb might help Obama in some areas but all of the hard lefties who consider people like Webb the enemy will have a hissy fit. I think Bill Richards, among others, might be okay. Then, of course, there’s Eliot Spitzer. It would be hard for him to be “bushwhacked” by his past!

Comment by democommie

Slarti, I did write a paper on “Unforgiven” as a historiographical artifact of the New Western History of the 1990s. I love that movie so much I can’t number the ways.

We’d all like to think that VPs help draw swing voters, but the evidence is pretty strong that they don’t (as you suggest). Instead, where they do help a candidacy is in the perception area (repelling certain sorts of attacks, it’s the first major appointment of a proto-president’s career and so it gives an idea of where his or her head is at), in fundraising, and in helping to build party consensus. It’s a quick gauge for how influential certain contituencies can expect to be — if Clinton’s second on the ticket, for example, expect a cozy relationship with the DLC.

LBJ’s appointment did not help in the South — in 1960, the Dixiecrats went for Senator Harry Byrd of VA (a strong segregationist, though not officially in the race) and in 1964, they went for Goldwater. Howsumever, LBJ was a wheeler-dealer with a big Congresional rep — so maybe that argues for picking up someone not a governor, but someone who can help cut some deals, has some chips to call in, and knows where the bodies are buried.

Ah, Eliot…I had such high hopes for that eggheaded sumbitch.

Comment by bridgett

Webb is a straight shooter, but his attitude with respect to ‘Tailhook” may hurt him with already disgruntled females. Perhaps rightly so.

Richardson is my favorite, but I am looking into Sebulis. (sp?)

I think Cheney has changed the entire dynamic of how voters consider the ticket. We’ve seen how much power the wrong one can wield. Don’t for a minute think his VP pick won’t affect the election.

Comment by Mr. Mack

Something cool to know about Kathleen Sebelius (other than she’s a centrist Democrat in Kansas…not exactly the kind of person who is going to wield a lot of clout in Congressional circles) is that she’s the daughter of former Ohio governor John Gilligan — he was the centrist Dem in charge during the early part of my childhood and I distinctly remember his teenage daughter Kathleen waving behind her daddy in the campaigns.

I suspect that she’ll want to run for Senate when her term is up in 2010, as Sam Brownback is going to step down. I just don’t see it happening…

Comment by bridgett

It’s not just Tailhook; Webb’s record on women in the military is abysmal. And he used to be pretty bad on reproductive rights, though I understand that since joining the Senate he has improved. Nah, he’s pretty bad across the board on any feminist issues. The day after that Op-Ed piece appeared in the NYTimes, my husband started talking about him as a potential VP. My response was that that’s the one choice that is sure to make the Clinton voters who are threatening to stay home/vote third party/vote McCain actually carry out their threats: an antifeminist with even less time in Congress than Obama. My husband told me I was crazy, but anyone reading, say, Shakesville today would have to agree, I think. OTOH, he seems to be a certain kind of guy’s* wet dream candidate, so maybe he would pull back a few disaffected men.

If Obama must go with a military guy, Wes Clark doesn’t have the nasty baggage and might help to reconcile some Clinton voters. I have mixed feelings about Clinton herself as VP, but I haven’t thought through yet which of my reasons for not loving her for president would still be relevant in that position.

I was an Edwards supporter to begin with, and I’d love to see him as Attorney General, but I think his fairly dismal showing in the primaries suggests he won’t help the ticket much. Richardson would probably be even weaker in that respect.

How about Dianne Feinstein? OK, stop laughing and leave me to my fantasies.

*not my husband’s, I’m glad to say; he’s got a pretty wide VP wishlist right now

Comment by nm


I think Hillary would make a great VP (she’s a workaholic and DOES know her shit in areas of policy that are opaque to many folks). I just think she’s a liability in terms of drawing votes and she will definitely draw fire from the right. One of my fantasies was, if she got elected. thinking of how the guys who fucked Bill over would be nervous for the next four years.

Comment by democommie

I’m partial to Bill Richardson for his foreign policy experience, or Governor Sibelius….

The Obama/Clinton thought…I just don’t know.

Comment by imfunny2

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