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Birdsongs in the morning
May 27, 2008, 7:37 am
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I’m slowly getting back to my summer schedule. I get up with the sun and drink a slow cup of coffee outdoors, while the world wakes up around me. Today it’s sunny and the birds are outdoing themselves with songs. In a place where natural sounds are often drowned in a sea of car horns and pothole clunks, even the chacking of sparrows is welcome.

Of course, what this means (I’m afraid to mention it, for fear the mojo will vanish) is that I’m writing again. Even though my course doesn’t wrap until the end of the week, I couldn’t wait that long to get back to it. I write on the “pay yourself first” plan. I know myself too well — I am a spiritual otter, easily distracted by the possibilities of fun. I also know that I like my kid too much to tune her out for long periods while I’m working away at the computer. So, when she’s up and doing, I’m very likely to get no intellectual work done at all. Rather than stress about that, I try to schedule myself so that I have a good solid two or three hours in by the time she gets up. Then if I get some bonus time (like if she has a book that just can’t wait), it’s all good…but if not, then I am still ok.

In my next beautiful life, I will live in a climate where I can write outdoors year-round. I get so very much more done when I’m physically comfortable and happy (imagine that!).


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I wish I could get back to writing. I feel like that damned dissertation drew the lifeblood out of me and left me with nothing. I’ve got some great ideas, but nothing comes out. Very frustrating.

When your summer course ends, we should get together for lunch.

Comment by Angela Gordon

Give it some time. I finished my dissertation in Summer 2005 and it was at least a year before I wanted anything to do with that topic again. Gradually I found that I did have something left to say and I had enough distance that I could look at what I had written and think “yeah, I still like that.”

My writing process is not linear (it’s more like piecing a quilt than writing from an outline) but now that no one is in the wings waiting for drafts to show up, that’s much less of a problem.

Yes, let’s meet up for lunch. Sounds fun!

Comment by bridgett

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