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Memorial Day fun
May 26, 2008, 11:10 am
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For a person with a relatively small house, I sure seem to find a lot of work to do in it. Today, the weather is gorgeous and so that means it’s time to sweat. I have a shed to clean out and junk to remove from it. I’ve got some more fence to tear down. Haulaway day here in my city is Tuesday and so I’ve collected half a dumpster of things that can’t be reused by me, given away (I’ve tried), recycled into something else, and don’t need to be kept (going to trust God that I won’t need to sleep on that moldy futon even if times get really bad) — that’s all got to be taken to the curb. I’ve got bags of busted up plaster from my upstairs bathroom (a rehab project that got seriously out of hand — don’t ask, I’m in over my head and we might have to hire someone — gasp! — to show us the way out of this mess.) I promised Kid that I would help her make some coconut pudding and also that I would show her a new embroidery stitch to dress up her latest doll clothes that she’s making. Later, we’ll cook out — maybe make some hamburgers or something.

If we were in Kentucky, we’d be with my extended family driving from graveyard to graveyard decorating graves. We have no dead kin up here. So, we do what strangers do on holidays — we work to pass the day, we talk of home, and we grill alone.


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Well, you could be prepping for a colonoscopy–that’s what I’m doing!! Gotta love talking to Doctor’s front office staff and telling them that time is of the essence (since the insurance runs out soon) and have them schedule a consult 3 weeks out and then try to “fit you in” sometime around 7/10. I said, “no can do, insurance goes by-bye before that. So I will be one of the few procedures since most folks can’t pass up the tater salad and other Americana on this day.

Just how deep is that bathroom pit? I just put in a toilet today. It’s in the middle of the front hall–a real conversation piece, if I ever had company!!

Comment by democommie

Ah, if only it was plumbing. I can set a toilet and do sinks — that part is already done. The tub is already there (filled up with plaster pieces, but would be functional — needs new fittings and pipe, but that’s pretty easy too). Partly the problem is lack of money to buy materials (since we have had some competing things that have had to be attended to more urgently and we already have another working bathroom downstairs) and part of it is trying to figure out the water/wall conundrum. I’ve never tiled anything and neither has my husband, a fact that came to light well after we had taken a crowbar to the bummed-out walls surrounding the bathtub. Half of it is back to the studs, which (to look on the bright side) will make it easy to wire. The other half (on the “dry” side) just needs paint. The ceiling was dropped, so we took out all the acoustical tile but the frame is still up at the top of the ceiling, drooping sort of halfassically.

None of this sounds too bad until I add that it’s been in just that shape for the last three years.

Yeah. It’s kind of the room that we fucked up and will get back to just as soon as we’re smart enough to figure out how to fix it.

Comment by bridgett


Tiling is no more difficult than the other stuff, it’s just a different task. You might look into Schlutter/Ditra underlayment for your bathroom (Home Depot and some specialty tile outlets carry it). If it’s a wet wall (shower/tub shower you just have to make sure everything flows to the tub side instead of the the stud side. I’ve got three of them to do, plus a kitchen and laundry room. I’ll be well versed–or crazy–when I’m done.

Comment by democommie

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