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Bad news from Afghanistan.
May 20, 2008, 9:01 am
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One of the guys in my cousin’s unit has already been killed. They’ve only been on the ground five days.

I’m pissed at my cousin (the best friend of my youth) for the crap job he did of telling his (motherless) son and his own mother of the real risks he would face. He told the kid that the most dangerous thing he’d be doing was running a pneumatic nail gun putting up schools. He told his mom that he was going to be a desk clerk. Now the family learns that Daddy’s actually been deployed in a free-fire zone from reading the local newspaper’s obituaries.

I mean, I get it — you don’t want to fill your child’s head with fears and you are rightly limited about how specific you can be about what your mission is. But damn. His son’s a teenager, well able to face some hard facts about the potential personal costs of soldierly sacrifice. His dad was a vet in Korea so his mother isn’t some shrinking violet of a woman who can’t understand what war is about. It just seems gutless that he didn’t man up and let them know what he was in for.


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Oh, man…you & your family (especially the cousin) have got my thoughts & prayers…

I’m sure he was trying to keep everyone from worrying…and I know you guys know that…and it doesn’t make it any less frightening to learn of this.


Comment by GingerSnaps

That’s a dreadful way to learn the truth. But a lot of people can’t see their parents clearly enough to judge how strong they are in this sort of situation.

Comment by nm

Maybe he actually thought the best thing he could do was minimize the danger. I agree, being straightforward gives the respect to the child and the mother and the rest of the family…

Good thoughts in all of your directions

Comment by imfunny2

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