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Low Vision
May 17, 2008, 9:42 pm
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Today the family went to a nearby amusement park. We saved up some money and splurged on season passes for us all, so we can pick and choose when we want to go up. It was a lovely day (despite the forecast of rain in the afternoon and the changeable mountain weather), but we pretty much had the park to ourselves. We rode each rollercoaster several times, never waiting more than a few minutes each time. We hit all the spinning rides while our Dramamine was in high gear, then wound down with more sedate rides towards the end.

The only problem was that I lost my glasses on the sled ride. I stuck them in my hoodie pocket and they flew out the side during one of the slides to the side (that was right before the ride busted and we got brake-stopped at the top of the hill mid-ride). So…here we are, up about a hundred feet in the air, with the wind picking up and it’s starting to rain, Kid is trying to look down, my husband is freaking out because he thought we were going to be hit from behind with a flying sled, and me quietly ever so quietly thinking “if we have to climb down from here, I’m in big trouble…”

You see, I’m blind as a bat without my glasses. I can still get my glasses at a regular optometrist, but the prescription is unusually strong. Without my glasses, I can see blobs of color, but I can’t see a set of steps at my feet.

A PR flack came bounding up the stairs at the brake-stop at the top of the hill and began the job of distracting the kids. “So, how was your ride up to this point? How was your day? Where did you all come from? Is this your first time at the park?” He was chatting very calmly, explaining to us all that the safety system on this ride was exceptional, which is why the auto-brake had stopped us when the rain began to fall and the mechanics were already down in the start shack working to get us down from here. He tried to sell us all season passes, extolled the virtues of the mega-soda bottle with its endless refills, pretty much info-mercialed us to death for about five minutes and then we got sliding again. I was so relieved to get away from this high-pressure salesman that I was neither pissed nor scared once I realized that the rest of the ride had also stopped and that we weren’t going to get rear-ended.

Unfortunately, I was still blind when I got off the coaster. Let me just say that it really changed the experience of the park. Luckily, the pavement was pretty even (I also am prone to rolling my ankles, so I’m always a little worried about that) and though it made me very tired to have to be so attentive to everything, I managed. I went about another two hours around the park with Kid and my husband guiding me, so I got to experience a little enforced low vision time today. After a while, it was easier just to shut my eyes than to try to deal with trying to figure out what information I was getting visually. My husband also does an excellent job with providing narrative description (on your left is a big stone chicken…on your right is Snow White and the Seven Dwarves done in topiary) that gave me some giggles because he was obviously making some of it up.

I have another newer pair (I wore my old beat-up ones to the park, luckily), but I still hate to lose something so stupidly. Speaking of, has anyone seen my cellphone? It’s been missing (probably in the house) for weeks and I have no idea where it went.


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Oh no! I, too, am as blind as a bat without my glasses, so I feel your pain.

Several years ago, I went to Disneyland and broke my glasses. It does indeed suck when you can’t enjoy the amusement park like you otherwise would!

Comment by Angela Gordon

I used to go every Thursday without glasses, just so I would learn to appreciate my vision more. I would NOT want to be at an amusement park visually impaired. What a nightmare.

Comment by patti

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