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May 1, 2008, 8:07 am
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Today’s a grading day. All that backlog of evaluation has to be concluded. One of the very nicest things about finals week is that there is a magic couple of hours when all the old work has left your desk and none of the new work has arrived yet. I always feel pretty virtuous in that small span of time.

Kid’s next competition is this weekend. It’s a local, which is both good and bad. On the up side, it’s about two miles from the house and we’re not going to have to pay for a hotel room. It’s a smaller event and those are usually more fun for the kids because there’s a little more down time. On the down side, I am not as organized as I usually am because it’s a local competition and somehow, I’m just not getting my ducks in a row. It’s going to burn up a Saturday that I need to complete my own work, that I usually use for laundry and grocery shopping and cleaning the house. So today is also a “do all that stuff” day.

Finally, I know I’m supposed to be writing about some aspect of disability today but I am having trouble articulating what I want to say. Check in later and I’ll try to come up with something.


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NPR fan?

Comment by john

Thanks for stopping by. You probably get very good signal there on Lake Michigan — do you get Wisconsin Public Radio too?

A long time ago, in an Iowan grad school galaxy far far away, I listened to a lot of NPR. I even had friends drive to Madison to attend tapings of Feldmann’s show and one lucky friend actually competed and won. Then I got older and had a kid who (although wonderful) cannot. stop. talking. Trying to listen to any of the Saturday line-up just got to be more frustrating than it was worth — I missed the punchline to most of the jokes or had to clean up the sippy cup spill during the jazz combo. I probably should try it again now that she’s a little bigger. She might even like the quiz.

Comment by bridgett

Today was the last full day of classes here. I’ve still got one meeting of my high schoolers on Monday. I’m looking forward to that magic time you mentioned. Ahhh…

Would you believe the CIA was recruiting on our dinky little community college campus today? They were looking for HR support staff, but still, here!?!

Comment by Gerald

Our campus hasn’t been so favored. They are in NC anyhow for the primaries…maybe they just needed a cover story?

We have a big recruiting station right next to our high school (yeah, the one that graduates less than 40% of the kids that enter 9th grade…). Makes me sick. Hurrah for our Society of Friends who stand on the sidewalk and talk to the kids passing by about what military life offers apart from the lure of the “big bonus.”

Comment by bridgett

It is probably about geography. They put up signs specifying thier interest in HR people and added that they must be willing to relocate to Washington DC. My guess is they are assuming they’ll catch more of those fish with a regional net.

They handed out swag, though: t-shirts, plastic bags, mouse-pads, etc…, all with the CIA logo on them. I thought about grabbing one of the bags to carry my tests in (“classified” har har). Then my weak sense of humor was overwhelmed by my lack of desire to be associated with these creeps, so I passed.

A few weeks ago we had “Spring Fling” – all the clubs had tables and sold stuff or sponsored entertainment (ride the motorized surf-board, climb the big plastic cliff, dunking booth, all that). Of course, the US Marines were there as well.

Comment by Gerald

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