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Who is driving this car? (the Miley Cyrus edition)
April 29, 2008, 2:39 pm
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Let’s hang this one out there. We don’t have cable. We don’t do the whole Disney Channel, Disney Radio, Disney breakfast cereal thing at my house. My daughter owns a DVD of High School Musical and she’s watched it twice — once to see what all the screaming from her peers was about, once because it had been six months and she wanted to see it again. She has been into (and out of) Libby Lu’s for a birthday party once. She’s been exposed to the whole Raven/Cheetah Girls/Hannah Montana thing and just isn’t interested. So maybe I don’t have a dog in this particular fight. But here goes nothing.

Dear Parents with knickers in a twist about the Miley Cyrus photo:

You are a parent. Your word goes. Your values in your home consistently expressed and lived on a daily basis are far more important to your kid than what some attention-seeking teenager or set of corporate handlers do.

You are there to keep your kids reasonably safe and to guide them, but you are deluded if you expect the world to shoulder the joys of caretaking and to live up to your values. You cannot shelter your children 100%. The fact of the matter is that they will often have to learn to be ok with being out of step with “worldly” values (whether that be capitalist, secular, or whatever). Take this opportunity to talk to your children about what they are seeing; take the time to teach them what they can expect as they mature, to discuss the ethics of the choices that they’ll face, and to prepare them to live as adults in this imperfect world of ours.

You are the one driving the car. Shut up and drive.


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I’m trying to decide if your post is an insult or not. I don’t think there is anything wrong with questioning it. I think it is a good thing to open dialog about what our kids are seeing…

…but my first inclination is to say “well good for you” since your kid is far more advanced in intellect than millions of others who happen to like the Disney shows, and my second inclination is to note that your tone in this post is that of being quite smug…I mean, “Shut up and drive.”???

Come on, Bridgett…you can do better than that.

I happen to be very proud of how my daughter responded. She doesn’t care for these girls acting too sexy too soon. In fact, her response is the very reason I posted on the topic yesterday afternoon.

I think it’s always a good thing to take these moments as an opportunity to talk about what affects our children in an intelligent manner. That doesn’t necessarily mean that if a parent doesn’t like the photo that their knickers are in a twist.

Comment by Ginger

Ginger, that’s why I didn’t post this at anyone else’s site but my own. It’s my thoughts on the matter.

Comment by bridgett

Of course…but as one of your readers (and fans, might I add), I respectfully disagree with your tone toward some parents who are concerned…hence, that’s why I commented my thoughts on the matter…

As I try to address others’ viewpoints in a respectful manner, I’d hope somebody as intelligent and informed as you would have try to give the same respectful consideration.

Comment by Ginger

that is, “would have tried

Comment by Ginger

But, see, Ginger, I don’t see a thing wrong with how you proceeded, so I’m kind of confused about why you feel criticized. You actually did what I’m urging other parents to do — you talked to your kid and you are aware of the ethical and social complexities of her situation as a celebrity. Right now, your little girl is probably too little to sort that all out on her own, being at the younger end of the fan pool, so you as her mama are helping her understand at her level. However, there are many parents who will watch every minute of coverage, slander the Cyruses here and back again, blow off on society, the media, the this and the that…and never get around to the parenting bit, which was (as I understand it) your first impulse.

Comment by bridgett

Hmmm, I’ve got a daughter who’s not interested in the whole Hannah Montana thing either, so I’m not paying much attention to all this, but…. Are folks more worried about the pictures’ effect on their own kids, or on the 15-year-old subject of the photos? I agree, you can’t expect Vanity Fair to provide photographic role models for your children; but for the sake of the child IN the photo, there might well be reason to demand far more decorum and common sense, from all the adults involved.

Comment by Penny

I’m kind of confused about why you feel criticized.

Well, when you put it that way, I realize I was misinterpreting the post as if I was one of those you were directing your words at…I guess because I have been sparring back & forth with someone else all day about my even posting about it. I apologize for taking it personally. It’s been a long day…I should go enjoy a long, relaxing bath and chill the hell out…

Comment by Ginger

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