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Gettin’ Busy
April 16, 2008, 11:22 am
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In the last 24 hours — I’ve prepped and taught three classes (a grad and two undergrad). I’ve graded two sets of papers. I’ve given a lecture on the connections between the rise of the penitentiary/prison labor and the emancipation of slaves in the US north. I’ve supervised three hours of dance practice, cut about 100 quilt squares and showed my daughter how to assemble a six-pointed star block, taken her for a bike ride, and planted a lot of annuals. I’ve done two loads of laundry, cooked four meals, cleaned three sinksful of dishes, fed the cat (and the other cat) three times. I’ve also visited the college archives and wrote an institutional history of the evolution of an administrative procedure that’s in contest in a committee I’m working on for a meeting later today. Finally, I visited the hospital to support a friend whose seven-year-old son took a golf club in the eye socket (vision probably lost for good, facial reconstruction surgery is this morning…it’s pretty horrible).

In a minute, I’ll start what is scheduled to be four hours of various committee meetings. I’ll have ten minutes to walk home, grab my pre-packed dinner out of the fridge, and drive Kid to the studio for another three-hour dance practice. On the way, I’ll drop some food off at the house of my friend, so that all the relatives who are coming to be with her have something to eat. That’s coming out of the oven now so it can be cooled and ready to transport by 4:30.

I guess this is a long way of apologizing to those who were with me in the middle of an interesting conversation about historical materialism. I just ran out of time to continue and was probably hitting the point of diminishing returns anyhow. After you say what you have to say, you should shut up.


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Wow! I really admire your energy!

Comment by RockyCat

*pins a Superwoman badge on you*

I… good gracious woman, how do you do that? I don’t even have kids, and somehow my housework (and real work) manage to get away from me. I’m absolutely in awe.

(That said, I’ll admit that I do like the history threads. I wish I had you as a professor!)

Comment by Magniloquence

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