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Is this spring finally?
April 10, 2008, 8:31 am
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Looks like we’re about to break 60 degrees for the first time all year. I’ve got a basket of pansies to plant out, a shed full of yard waste bags that need to be filled, and a hunger to be outside. Let’s call it near-spring (still a chance of snow, but increasingly unlikely to get school cancellations out of it) and have ourselves a little party.

People of the mid-South, you have no idea how much I miss a place where daffodils bloom in March as God intended. Here, our tulip greenery is just now coming up; even my crocus plants haven’t ventured a timid bud. I expect our forsythia to bloom in a week or two.

I have been thinking about the brevity of life and what I want to move towards that I don’t have now and here’s my short list:

1) I want a keyless (or one-key) life. I want to live somewhere (or in a manner) that I can live without locks, that I don’t need a car or can choose to use it only occasionally;
2) I want more stars. I am pretty much starless now. I need to go somewhere where I can once again lift myself up into the vastness of the night sky and forget the petty problems of daytime life.
3) I want to be somewhere where I can live and work outdoors more. I could, in theory, stump along in the wintertime for all 8 months of the cold weather we get, but really…I hate being cold and wet. I don’t mind rain at all. Warm wet is ok. Really hot is fine. But living cooped up when there are other perfectly lovely places where one could live unclenched and in lighter clothes doesn’t make good sense.


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I don’t know, last year we had a snowday on April 17. I have a feeling this is the real thing, though.

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