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Poster Art
March 6, 2008, 2:58 pm
Filed under: Arguing About Feminism


This is the work of Victoria Kobilca — she’s our “house” graphic artist for the program and she really does a fantastic job.


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I hope someone will change the filename to correct the spelling of “vertical”…

(Sorry; you know my inability to *not* proofread…)

Comment by John Gruver

She’s a good artist and a nice person…but true, she cannot spell.

Comment by bridgett

I used to work at an ad agency and–for no reason I can understand–they put me over in the wing of the building with the creatives. Not a one of ’em could spell, but they were all fine, fine people, and they very kindly put up with my *complete* lack of any sense of color or balance or design. I really liked working with them–it’s fun (and educational) to be thrust into a world you know nothing about and watch people who are quite good at getting around in it.

Comment by John Gruver

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