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How about my girl Brook?
February 25, 2008, 1:34 am
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Miss Thang went off to Hollywood and got herself an Oscar! 

How bizarre is that? I started reading Diablo Cody’s blog in 2005 and really, she’s one of the on-line people (Aunt B. being the other) who kept me sane while I was finishing up my dissertation. I needed to read and laugh and have a good time somewhere. So, while I don’t know Cody in real life, I “know” her as the person who has a cat nicknamed Douchepacker. I cried when her dog Agnes died. I laughed over her crazy infatuation with hair extensions, her witty tributes to various kinds of special promotional flavors of candy, and always loved her humane fresh way of looking at the world. She was a good writer, but I have plenty of bloggy buds who are good writers. I sort of identified with her because she had this UI connection and I liked her half-dork half-hipster style. In those three years that I’ve been reading her, I have been a witness to her getting a book contract, to her selling a TV script, to her dreamily talking about this girl character she had created — Juno, whose song was Harry Nilssen’s Me and My Arrow — and to the ups and downs of life as she’s realized a dream of making a living as a writer. It’s a beautiful crazy dream, sudden and stressful and as unpredictable as life. I think the celebrity mill must be hard for someone who has made a life’s work of being extroverted and hip to keep strangers away from the tender middle of herself. I wouldn’t be up to having my life judged by strangers and I think the stress of being so exposed isn’t good for anyone.

Brook, I’m up in Albany. I have an extra bedroom. If you need to come some place excruciatingly normal to regain your breath and write, drop me a line. I owe you for the many hours of entertainment you’ve provided me and I’d be happy to host you.


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Methinks you just have excellent taste in picking bloggers whose first names start with B.

Comment by Aunt B.

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