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Late night, late morning.
February 23, 2008, 2:42 pm
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I used to be a night owl.  Lately (I mean for the last ten years or so), I’ve had to be an early morning person.  My kid is a very early riser and she wants to eat as soon as she awakens. I also do a lot of catch-up work (grading or class prep) in the pre-dawn hours before she gets up. If I’m getting up at 4 am, I can’t stay up crazy late because my immune system falls apart and my memory implodes; there’s few things lamer than a historian who can’t remember the past. Anyhow, it’s just diminishing returns when I try to sneak by on less than 6 hours of sleep.  

Last night, though, I got together for my tenure celebration with the Dance Moms. We all gathered with our husbands and kids at the senior Mom’s house (she’s the person who does most of the team organizing) and had a great time. The kids ate popcorn, danced, karaoked, watched a film, and finally curled up all around the basement in little heaps of pillows and blankets to sleep. The moms did prop work (glitter on tap shoes is us) and the dads watched Animal House and then we all got back together for drinks and food and a real good time. We got back home around 2 am and I was in my groove, talking to John for another hour or so thereafter. I thought “Hey, just like old times!”

Not so fast, old lady. My 43-year-old ass is dragging. I’m not hungover (I just don’t drink much) but the change in my sleep patterns, even for one day, has me ready to crash on the couch during the next basketball game. Kid is also semi-coherent and slept until 10:20 am. She’s reading now and looking like she could go back to sleep any minute. I haven’t heard my husband moving around upstairs. I bet you he’s crawled back into bed for a nap.

I had a point when I started this but I have forgotten it now. I think I was going to say that I don’t really feel like I’m getting older, but every once in a while, something happens to remind me that I am.


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