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Local effects of global economic crisis
February 22, 2008, 11:18 am
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You would not believe how many international panelists I have that are pulling out.  I’m worried that by the time March 15th rolls around, it’s going to be a roomful of faculty members from our college in a nearly empty auditorium and a really unimpressed international speaker who will wonder why the hell she delayed her departure for Katmandu for this thin crowd.

I know I don’t control the gas prices. I’ve done all I can to advertise this event. On the one hand, you know, whoever shows up will have a great time. On the other, damn…it’s been a lot of work and people are driving in from all over and that’s expensive…you’d like to put on a bit more of a show for them, you know? Well, I personally cannot be the 150 audience members that I hope show up. I can only invite and encourage and hope for the best.


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International (especially European) presenters do this all the time. They submit a paper, get accepted, show the acceptance to their university, which then turns them down for travel funding. So then they don’t show up. At least yours are being polite and let you know ahead of time; at Kalamazoo they don’t bother to do that. Such, at least, has been my experience. No medievalist ever wants to be on a panel with anyone from Europe at K’zoo.

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