My Beautiful Wickedness

February 17, 2008, 11:29 am
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I’m not at church this morning. Instead, I’m contenting myself to being next to godliness.  I’ve got a pile of mending, some costume tailoring for the Kid’s dance team, a lot of things to dust/sweep/mop/clean/fold/store, goods and clothing to reallocate to the Big Green Box (the ongoing decrapification of my life — going nicely, thanks, now that I have convinced myself that if we’re all suddenly made homeless, it would be more restful to sleep on a pile of dry leaves than that yucky moldy futon I’ve been storing in the basement. The futon is getting taken to the Albany composting center, though I guess if anyone is interested in making paper, there’s a lot of cotton fiber in it.)  I’m going to wrap up my grading — I’m within two sections of completely catching up — and write the next Great American Novel, learn to knit, develop a lifeplan that leads to retirement at 50 without changing anything I’m currently doing, and…. 

Ok, really? I’m going to do some mending and cleaning. I’ll definitely donate a bag of clothing to the Big Green Box. And maybe I’ll grade. It seems like so little when I type it that it feels necessary to augment it with bigger things. I am supposed to be teaching a double-shot grad class on Tuesday — two books, three articles, two and a half hours. That would be a normal week in most PhD programs — here, in our MA program, it’s going to be the biggest groan-inducing load imaginable. The vast majority of our grads are part-time students who are coming back one or two nights a week; it’s a lot like when I went to YSU, where you squeezed in your studies in between your day job’s demands. The total immersion experience of grad school is intense, different, and for me, much better…but I know that it’s unrealistic to expect all my students to jump on that train with me. Snow cancellations, though, made it impossible to do otherwise. I’ve read all of the stuff before, but I know that I should be doing more class prep and less house fuss. Maybe tomorrow.


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