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It’s official.
February 15, 2008, 2:43 pm
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Or as a Lolcat might say “Tenyoor. I haz its.”  (And a promotion in rank, too…but all this feels just too weird, especially on a day where my husband is feeling filled with despair about the way his domestic obligations conflict with his career aspirations.

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“Domestic obligations?” He’s worried about doing the dishes?

Comment by Slartibartfast

Congratulations. What a way to start the weekend!

Comment by Penny

No, it’s oh so much more than doing a few dishes. Basically, we’ve got about one research career between us and so far, most of it has been mine. For the last couple of years, both of us have had to deal with the realization that he’s probably never going to have the kind of career path that we both trained for and aspired to — not that this is unusual in our field or anything. His job is up for evaluation and it’s not a sure bet that the Center that he runs will be renewed (for reasons having to do with the demographics of baby production in the 1990s, not the success of the project itself). The same group that awarded me tenure may be, as I type, eliminating his job. We won’t know until the next few weeks. Good news takes the train and bad news takes a mule around here. Anyhow, today was supposed to be his day to write a research grant that he’d been delayed from doing because he was doing everything that I do when I’m sick on top of his own work. Well, today Kid got sick too and so he won’t get to turn in that grant. It’s just another disappointment, but piled on top of a stack of similar disappointments, it cumulatively discourages a fellow.

Comment by bridgett

Eeee! Go you! That’s so awesome!

*jumps up and down*

Comment by magniloquence


I am so happy for you!

Comment by Ginger

How wonderful for you! That’s got to be a huge load off.

Re the husband thing: been there, being there, albeit not in precisely the same ways. We should talk.

Comment by Krista

[…] –Bridgett got tenure! […]

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Comment by Rachel

Sometimes words are inadequate, but congratulations anyway! Looking back, I’m not surprised that you are the one person from our group to actually get this far. You were always the best of us.

As for the other stuff – I really do get what he’s feeling and how that has to impact you as well. I certainly never have achieved what I, or some others, expected of me in terms of my career, but that has opened up the door for a different career path that has had its own rewards. I hope he can find the same.

Comment by Gerald

[…] Posted by Gerald on February 15, 2008 My friend Bridgett got tenure! […]

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Tenure! Tenure! Tenure!




Comment by imfunny2

Congratulations! Awesome news.

I’m almost afraid to say anything at all about those domestic responsibilities because I am currently so embroiled in anger and grief about my own career sacrifices for domestic responsibilities, now that I’m getting divorced. So all I will say is that I sympathize with at least some of the difficulties y’all must be dealing with. Sorry that you’re facing that sort of complication.

Comment by Scrivener

Well, can you come out of the closet now, and actually start indoctrinating those kids, Comrade?

Comment by Mr. Mack

Congratulations! You are now free to spread your dogma unabated.

Good on ya!

Comment by Exador


Comment by RockyCat

WOO-HOO!!!! Congratulations!

Comment by listie

Oh, congratulations! I feel for your husband, having been sort of where he is now, but first, don’t go assuming the worst will happen, because sometimes it doesn’t, and second, what Gerald said.

Comment by nm

MAZEL TOV!! This is very well deserved!

Comment by nickdupree

That’s fantastic. Yay you!

I’m still not so sure what that means. Ever since that episode of “thirtysomething” when Gary didn’t get it…I’ve wondered.

I’m glad you got it, though!

Comment by sistasmiff

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