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Happy Valentine’s Day.
February 14, 2008, 8:45 pm
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Those of you who know me IRL will think it weird that I’m posing with carnations. Yes, I’ve watched Amor, Mujeres, Y Flores and it’s rare that anyone gets me flowers out of season. Today is a sort of exceptional day though.

I’ve been sick pretty much all week. The weather has been lousy. Our kid’s been sick too. We’ve all been hemmed in like chickens for several days and the usual Valentines’ Day shopping has gone by the way as we’ve been trying to just stay on top of what had to be done. I knew I wasn’t getting anything beyond the daily love gifts (like shoveling out the car, that’s a biggie with me, or letting me take a two-hour sick nap this morning). Imagine my surprise when about twenty minutes ago, someone came to the door with flowers. John sort of cringed when he saw the carnations — he said “you know, that’s not really what I ordered you.” Poor love. He had ordered a sentimental bouquet of our greatest hits flowers — things from my wedding bouquet, flowers with a lot of fragrance and petal-count. His reasoning was that if you’re going to buy flowers out of season, they should be rare and wonderful.

The flowers, y’all, are beside the point. The rare and wonderful? That I have with me every day.mypicture.jpg


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How precious…
Happy Valentine’s Day, bridgett.


Comment by Ginger

How sweet!

Feel better.

Comment by listie

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