My Beautiful Wickedness

First it snowed. Then it rained. Then it froze. Then it snowed more.
February 13, 2008, 10:26 pm
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Everything shut down here today. We wound up with about 6 inches of new snow, but the rain made it a lot more dangerous as the water got underneath the snow on the roofs and everything started avalanching in these spectacular multi-ton slides. I used to think it was a tall tale when people would tell you that snow ripped off their front porch but I can see how that can happen now.  The sidewalks dammed up too, making these calf-deep puddles in the canyons that ran where people stepped. On such a day, you basically have to get it in your head that you just need to stay indoors.  Because my illness continues, that was a pretty easy task — I basically laid on the couch and watched children’s TV and blew my nose a lot. The temperature drop accorded with me getting the chills. Always did have a flair for the dramatic, I suppose. There is now deep ice all over the road. No traffic has moved down our side street for a couple of hours. People just sort of give up.

As for us, we chipped out the car as best we could and moved it where it would mostly avoid the ice slides (we hope) and the falling branches from the ice-shattered trees (we think) and just hunkered down. We’re leaving the heat on tonight because we expect that we’ll lose our power again during the night when the wind kicks up.  This time, at least, I know where all the flashlights and lanterns are.  Last week, I had to walk around with a lit candle looking for my emergency gear. 

Tomorrow is a big day for kids. Kid is starting to outgrow the Valentine’s Day excitement of distributing cards and stuff. I was a lot more excited about that this year than she was…how soon they grow out of these childhood ways. Her class does a lunch exchange where every kid gets to order up their dream lunch and somebody else’s hapless parent has to round up the specialty ingredients. At least this year I don’t have to make California rolls. Unfortunately, the kid we drew is a super picky eater. As I am not afflicted with picky, nor was picky ever an option, I don’t understand the whole “I only will eat this kind of bread” mentality. However, she does love my chocolate chip cookies so I’ll be up baking a batch of those tomorrow early…if the power stays on. I’ll be visiting Kid’s classroom tomorrow too. She’s been working on a presentation on the ancient Egyptian goddess Ma’at and has made a spiffy bas relief sculpture and has written a really nice report. The parents have been invited to come in and see everyone’s work and eat what’s billed as a “light Egyptian snack.” I am hoping this means some sesame crackers and hummus, but knowing these kids, it might be crocodile sushi.


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