My Beautiful Wickedness

Me and Super-D
February 9, 2008, 9:47 pm
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This was taken in the summer of 1972. I’m in my backyard and the dog in the picture is my first dog, Superdog. I called him Super-D or Super-de-Hog, since he ate a lot. Super-D was more of an obligation than a pet, as we had a crazy neighbor who feuded with my dad and threatened to shoot the dog if it came onto Crazyman’s property.  My dad didn’t want to have to kick this neighbor’s ass, so the dog stayed on the chain all the time. We weren’t allowed to walk him (and Supe might not have been trainable anyhow, as he wasn’t so bright) and so we basically just had to feed him, avoid the dogshit (because no kidwore shoes unless we had to go to school), and bring him fresh water every day.  I feel sad about the way that our dogs were exiled; they were miserable, I’m sure, and they brought us no pleasure either. Still, Dad insisted that we had to have dogs to “protect the house.”  How the hell they were supposed to protect anything tied up a hundred yards from the door was more than I knew. Still, he could not be argued with on this point. 

Looks like I was already starting to get a little tubby and slide into that awkward kid stage where my teeth were too big for my skull. Plenty of orthodontist work in your future, little girl.



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