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Worn out.
February 7, 2008, 11:10 pm
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Our power was out most of the day. The house, she got really really cold because we couldn’t get the furnace to manually reset and I wasn’t keen on blowing up the house with failed attempts. All the burners on our stove have electric sparkers. Luckily, smart monkey me can light stuff with matches and I had some already ground coffee so we had old-fashioned drip brew today and it was pretty good. Well, at least it was hot. We have a gas hot water heater but the house was too cold to take a shower in for most of the day. I bailed out and worked in my office on campus during my “day off,” meaning that I worked like a dog and didn’t get home until after 6.

There’s a lot of this and that going on. Conference planning is a big jumble of worry, sort of like unknotting old yarn — even when it comes undone, the stuff is still kinked and looks like it will just worm itself back together by habit. We’re in the middle of a hiring discussion and people aren’t being reasonable (to wit, not agreeing with every word I say). That’s kind of draining; I like to either get along with all my colleagues or not interact with the ones that I find more challenging. I love my classes this time, though the grading is piling up again. (I got my evals from last semester and the students loved the classes, except for the horribly slow return times on their assignments. If I graded continuously and never blogged, I would get all my papers done more quickly but I would still die as all humans must and I wouldn’t have had any fun.)

Kid’s really doing great in dancing. She’s doing her solo and her group numbers; now she’s going to take on a jazz duo and a tap trio just for fun. I’m trying not to think about how much it’s going to cost. I’m also going to drop it like it’s hot if she appears stressed out. I think she is really excited about the prospect of more dances, but I don’t know if she realizes what that’s going to mean in terms of practicing. I know that it means a ton more driving for me, and waiting around in the studio, and more costumes to lug…

Woops. 11 pm again. Got to get to sleep. Night, y’all.


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