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February 6, 2008, 8:24 am
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I am so behind in my life that Lent is going to start about twelve hours late this year. ‘Kay? (Seeing as how I staggered into the kitchen and made cinnamon waffles for everyone before I realized that it was Ash Wednesday….) If nothing else, the weather is making me feel rebuked and scorned. It’s rain, rain, then some freezing rain, with a rain chaser.  If this was snow, I could have had a snowday.  Instead, I have to take a twenty-minute walk to the other side of campus to make a 9 am meeting with the Dean — instead of doing the forty-leven other things that need doing more than exchanging pleasantries with a senior administrator. Then teach a couple of classes and do some more meetings — all while sitting in wet clothes and wet shoes.  Peachy. I am feeling too grouchy to be properly penitential. 


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We’ve got a state auditor walking around and checking classrooms today when two of the seven members of our department are out due to, respectively, a family emergency and a sick kid.

Unitarian Lent?

Comment by Gerald

Eh, yeah, sort of weird, I guess. Lent’s ingrained in me and I have to be cognizant of the Catholic calendar because of where I teach and who I teach and my family culture in general. As for me, old habits don’t die, they just transmogrify. There is something to be said for the general idea of an intentional period of reflection, humility, and justice-making. No ashes, really. Just a space of days for spiritual and personal introspection.

Comment by bridgett

I thought so. I just thought the idea of Unitarian Lent was kind of funny and I’ve never been able to pass up an opportunity to be a smart-ass.

Comment by Gerald

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