My Beautiful Wickedness

February 5, 2008, 10:44 am
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Top left: My uncle B’rer, my brother, my grandpa Callahan, and maybe my cousin James at my brother’s first birthday party. June 1954

Top right: Dad relaxing at Edgewater Park in Cleveland. Probably around 1959.

Middle left: Recovery pic — my dad’s crutches are laying by the blanket. Note that his leg isn’t visible. Summer 1961.

Middle right:  Dad and my brother at Lake Erie. Probably the summer of 1955, which is when my family moved to Cleveland. They are dressed up, which means it was taken on Sunday and probably was taken during a Sunday drive, so this might be out by Ashtabula rather than Cleveland. 

Bottom left: Easter at our house, Spring 1962. Mom determined that everything is going to be just. fine. Larry thinking about that big bowl of Jello. The table in the photo is the one I still use.  

Bottom right:  Mom and Larry. Yes, she probably did set her hair and put on make-up to go on a walk in the woods.  She’s a very fixy woman.  Spring 1957. Might be taken at Hinckley Park — they used to drive out each year in mid-March to watch the buzzards come back and roost. It’s a Cleveland thing, I guess.  



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