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I wouldn’t have done it that way.
February 1, 2008, 4:05 pm
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I am glad to see that Obama can move the progressive base, but I wish that Move On had stayed out of the endorsement business.  There are plenty of other ways to make a contribution to the primary effort that doesn’t push chips to the “noise machine” side of the table.

Unfortunately, we’re in an era where blab is outstripping analysis and lies bleated often enough loud enough to an uncritical audience can do a lot of damage. I myself am outside of the reach of blab, I discovered much to my surprise– honest to Pete, someone offhandedly mentioned the “Edwards infidelity smear” yesterday and it was news to me, which just goes to show you that you can do yourself a lot of favors sometimes by not buying cable and not listening to talk radio.


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Now, my husband will not turn off the damn TV. He listens to talking heads just to yell at them, I figure. He will explain why Head X “isn’t so bad” and Head Q “is just so he’ll know what they are saying” and he’s hurt when I say I’ll go into the other room and read until the talking heads are gone. He loves the blab, and repeats all the choicest blips of it to me. (sigh) But even I have managed to live without hearing about an Edwards infidelity smear. Maybe there wasn’t one really? (Please don’t enlighten me further. I’m just as glad not knowing one way or the other.)

Comment by nm

I tend to tune everything that’s loud right out of my head. Listening to CNN or MSNBC has the same effect on me as listening to a jackhammer — all pounding noise, no content. We don’t have cable and I listen to the classical station when I drive, so no radio politics. (I gave up on NPR and while we have a Pacifica feed, I get kind of annoyed with Amy Goodman, probably because my husband and I have a joke that I am his Beloved Revolutionary Sweetheart but Amy Goodman is His Other Girlfriend. Even in jest, I’m jealous.) So really, if it doesn’t make print or have my acquaintances talking, I don’t hear about it.

I read longish newspaper and news-mag articles, I read policy papers and position statements, I talk to some pols and some regular folks and I think a lot. I have some issues that really interest me because I think that how the mop flops on them tells you a lot about how people think about humanitarian concerns. And I am enough of a horse-better to look at track record — a candidate isn’t suddenly going to stop being what they were in the past because they get hit with a bucket of presidential power. In fact, they will only get an exaggerated case of themselves.

I was just a little surprised to find how well my disengagement from the TV/Radio Buzz was working.

Comment by bridgett

Except for my Sunday appointment with the Economist and watching Stewart and Colbert I’m getting all my news online – mostly the BBC or the Washington Post sites – these days. It just seems to suit me better.

I hadn’t even heard about this. Move On is one of the groups I’d like to ask to stay off of my side. That whole “General Betray Us” last summer just played into the hands of the surge supporters and allowed them to deflect the conversation. Some people just get carried away by their own rhetoric.

Comment by Gerald

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