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February 1, 2008, 3:14 pm
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As B. reminds me, it’s that time again. Pagans call it Imbolc, Catholics call it St. Brigid’s Day. She’s the saint who thought that Heaven probably contained a lake of beer. She’s the patroness of the poet, the fugitive, the newborn, lay healers. The baker and the brewer are her peeps too. She’s a resurrected fire goddess from ancient Celtic lore, her story given a uniquely Gaelic twist. She’s a sexy earthy saint, rumored to have a broad and bawdy sense of humor and a comely bosom. Given her associations with life and fertility and rising bread and fire, I’ve always thought that her feast should be celebrated with joyful sensuality.
Though it was entirely coincidental on my part, it’s also a personal anniversary shared between me and one of my faithful readers! Happy Un-Virgin Day, y’all!

Since Brigid’s feast is a two-parter, Catholics get to squeeze in the fiery days of Candlemas and St. Blaise Day; Americans call February 2d Groundhog Day. All the same thing, that first fiery hope that spring will be in the offing. Even if there’s no boot-knocking in tonight’s plan you might think about lighting a candle and letting it shine. Call it Friday Night Lights or Seder if you wish. Offer up thoughts of hope, peace, and mercy while you do so, thawing out the world’s heart with your loving intention.


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I LOVE Bridgid the Celtic Goddess.

Steeleye Span’s “Harvest of the Moon” is a great tribute to that Bridgid

then bridget she declared that she was not prepared
to watch us dance to the tune of elsie marley
she said i’ll sing you all a song and you’ll want to sing along
if you listen to the wind that shakes the barley

and the song that she sang could be heard for miles around
the air was full of harmony you should have heard the sound
as we gathered up our differences and threw them in the air
and gave them to the wind that shakes the barley.

Comment by Katherine Coble

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