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I feel like a perv.
January 31, 2008, 12:18 pm
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I had to open a Facebook account today in preparation for doing some event advertisting. I logged into my campus site and bam! I was there with too much information.

Gah. It was like walking into their dorm rooms — I felt embarassed at the intrusion and I really just logged in and immediately logged back out. I like the distance between us and I don’t want to see them on their page looking like they’ve got the blind staggers from alcohol consumption.

I’m sure that they think their teachers are a gazillion years old and that we don’t use “their” technology, but man…I can now see why other parents that I talk to are alarmed about these social networking sites.


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Ha! I can see that. Though my advisor was of rather another mind. He was all “don’t you guys think we read [ourschool]LJ too? We can look things up on RateMyProfessor just as easily as you can, you know.”

I don’t think he has a facebook entry, though. I wish he did, as I rather liked hanging out with him.

The social network thing in general… escapes me. I use them, sure, to keep in touch with friends from wayback. I find them academically fascinating, and want to better integrate them into my research. (I’ve got a whole new chapter in mind to add to my thesis work about privacy and anonymity in games and other online communities. Even places that have strict cultural rules regarding anonymity or psuedonymity around “official” spaces often have social networking sites where that anoynmity/psuedonymity is freely violated. Part of me thinks one can work a generational analysis into this, charting the way people interact over time, and the way community structure morphs given a certain number and age of users…. oooh.)

And yet, I still don’t feel like I get them, the way my friends do. My girlfriend practically lives on Facebook. My boyfriend spends a lot of time messaging people there too. Some people keep their cell phone numbers and personal addresses on there, and prefer it to all other modes of communication. I, on the other hand, have my e-mail address out, and as little other information as I can get away with, and hardly ever check the thing.

Comment by magniloquence

I have a facebook account (mostly to check in on my kids and keep in touch with people back at SmallLiberalArtsCollege), but I have to admit it bores me. I guess I just don’t get it.

Comment by listie

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