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Baking chicken pie
January 31, 2008, 6:47 pm
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Sauted chicken breast. Leeks. Potatoes. Peas. Carrots. White sauce (made with white wine and butter and flour). Throw it all in a pastry with a little bit of salt and some rosemary.  Serve it up with a spinach salad and some more white wine.

Drool worthy.  Drop by if you’re in the neighborhood. There’s going to be plenty.

Why did I kick out the jams in the kitchen? Because it was either cook up a storm or throttle my kid. There is art drama at my house over her Ancient Egypt project — and since I’m not the most artful parent in the world (and I am in no way up to the level of doing a Montessori 3d grade art thing — these kids are something else), I could do little to relieve her “but I so suck at this” (meaning that she actually had to give it several tries and it still wasn’t up to her exacting standards). I retreated to the kitchen for the duration while Super Art Dad helped her turn out this massive bas relief sculpture…which I fear may wind up dried to our dining room table. The sacrifices we must make for our craft….


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I just microwaved frozen egg rolls…

Comment by Gerald

But you used a clean plate, right?

You will note that I do not talk about what I cook every night because I am not the one that does the bulk of the cooking. I probably do 40% or so and rarely do the evening meal. John had gotten me a big boxed set of Jane Austen films and so the original plan was that he was going to whip something up while I assisted with homework and then we’d watch some dram-ah. We might still watch some BBC Jane, but I made a piggy mess in the kitchen so we may just do the dishes and go to bed.

Comment by bridgett

Cooking? What’s that? (laugh)…

I love your brownie colored setup here….

Rich, and calorie free…Yum.

Comment by imfunny2

Hmm. Being picky the way I am, I’d probably change the veggies around a bit, bt that sounds awesome!

Comment by magniloquence

Sounds great. We never invite people over for dinner because I am a terrible cook.

Comment by listie

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