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Life is too short to bark at every passing car.
January 27, 2008, 5:31 pm
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I once had a dog that barked constantly. He was on high alert from morning to night, trying to protect me from the refrigerator, the postman, the refilling of the toilet, the door of the barn, the tractor battery, the bull in the pasture…the racket was endless. Moreover, this dog got easily fixated. He’d get stuck on a particular behavior — like, no joke, chewing on a big jaw-busting rock — and no matter how dumb it was or how little headway he made, he could not be dissuaded from the behavior. He just could not stop himself from running right out the door and glomming away on that rock and he’d mope for a month if you moved his rock so that he couldn’t get at it any more. When the vet confirmed what I suspected (the dog just was made that way and the resocialization efforts we were making were only going to go so far in helping him control his OCD), I gave him to a junkyard, where he had a long and useful life barking night and day and carrying around part of an old Oldsmobile steering wheel as his love object. These days, I see a lot of blog commentators who remind me of that dog, me included.When you read something that pisses you off,  whether here or elsewhere, take ten seconds and think whether you can help soften a heart or change a mind.  If not, then let it go.  Life is just too damn short to bark at everything.


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*Cheers & applause! Cheers & applause!*

Comment by Ginger

Yes, it was in the middle of typing out some “there is no such thing as an illegal. There are people who have done allegedly illegal things — for which they’ve yet to be arrested, tried, or convicted, incidentally –” thing in response to one of your commentators and I got about to that point and I thought “why am I aggravating this pig by trying to teach it to sing? That guy isn’t really interested in what I have to say about due process and I have plenty of better things to do than to hector some stranger on the Internet.” And of course, watching Ned doing his Church Lady dance for days on end sort of had put me in the mind of that dog of mine.

Comment by bridgett

omg, that is such a good point…the pig is never going to learn to sing, so why stress? I’ve been stewing about it all day!

I am so glad you posted this, because I really needed to hear it.

Comment by Ginger

Even the image of Ned as the Church Lady cannot reconcile me to his ways. I’m trying not to bark at him myself.

Comment by nm

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