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Back to school
January 14, 2008, 8:28 am
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We’re back in session starting today. It’s going to be a light semester for me in terms of preparation and a heavy semester in terms of co-curricular, committee, and professional work outside the classroom.  I’m getting better about not stressing about classes that I’ve taught before — for example, I learned last night that I’m not actually teaching at 9 am, but rather at 10:25! How this “little detail” eluded me, I do not know, but rather than spazzing out about my lack of responsibility, I concluded that it didn’t really make a difference. The syllabus was done before I went to Washington, the lectures for the semester are (mostly) written and the ones that aren’t written yet are on things I want to write about like the changing nature of family life in the Early Republic.  Despite my college talking a lot about diversity and trying to change the student pool to better reflect the demography of the state we primarily serve, I have the least diverse class I think I’ve ever taught.  They are all freshman education concentrators from Ulster, Duchess, and Suffolk counties in NY. They were all B students in high school. They’re all white and middle-class (but towards the lower end of that…. no study abroad experience, etc), with only 1/10 first-generation college students. This is the first time that I’ve gotten such detailed data on a class before I meet them and I am wondering if it will be helpful or not.  I am inclined to think that it has filled my head with preconceptions of them that will be an impediment in actually meeting them where they are — but college administrators secure their jobs by producing statistical analyses of everything, right?   


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