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January 10, 2008, 10:11 am
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My daughter is so excited at the prospect of getting braces that she about can’t contain herself. In fact, every little girl her age in her school is all atwitter and mob me when I come into the school asking detailed questions about orthodontia.

Is this the pre-teen equivalent of getting your period now? Some race to big-girldom?



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*laughs* It could be, yeah. Or it could be a ‘being like her friends’ thing, but it seems like her friends don’t know anything about braces either or they wouldn’t be asking you.

I remember when I was in… first grade? Kindergarten? Something like that. Anyway, my best friend got glasses, and my parents both wore glasses, and I wanted to wear glasses soooooo much that I faked the eye test to get them.

(It turned out that I honestly did have a lazy muscle and would’ve needed glasses eventually one way or another, and I certainly wear them honestly now, but still).

I think it’s less ‘braces are the new period’ as ‘braces are the new ear piercing.’ (I got mine pierced at 3 months, then again at 8 years, then again at 13 years, because they kept closing up. But I knew plenty of (white) girls for whom it was a big pubescent rite o’ passage.) You can’t get them (productively, anyway) until a fair number of your baby teeth have come out, so it’s a marker of big-girl-ness… but it’s also something where you get to pick colors and styles and stuff. I always kind of envied girls who got cool colors for their retainers and rubber bands and stuff. (Though never enough to request orthodontic intervention myself, thankfully. That stuff is painful, I hear.)

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