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Idly thinking about the concept of “groundless solidarity”
December 28, 2007, 11:54 pm
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That is, extending one’s support for an activist struggle that occur outside of one’s own realm of interest — this used to be called “being a fellow traveler.” Us old folks remember that.

Given that I believe in the infinite connectedness of humanity as one of those fundamental principles of what I do (nothing is not connected)…I don’t know that I understand this concept very well.

Maybe I should read more Zizek!. (Yes, he must be referred to as Zizek! with the exclamation point built in. It’s like the people who had gone to grad school on Derrida and post-doc’d on Foucalt and argued their way to tenure on Homi Bhabha were all lined up to slurp up Zizek! tm.)

Actually, I find him interesting and provocative in small doses but that’s how I shoot all my theory. Neat, with a quick wrist flip and a keen enjoyment of the pleasant line of burn up my cerebellum.

Gah. Must go to bed.


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