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Merry LolCats Chrizmuz (srsly)
December 24, 2007, 12:06 pm
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A reading from the Book of LolCat Luke:

Oh hai, Jebus iz bornd

‘Roun dis tiyem, Caesar Augustus wuz like, “I can has cenzus?” (‘Coz while Quirinius was Teh Boz of Syria, is invisible census!) And all teh doodz went home for teh saying, “I is heer!” So Joseph went from Naz’reth to Judeeah to Bethlehemm whar David wuz bornededed, ‘coz David wuz hiz graete-graete gran-daddie, An Mary went wif him, ‘coz she was gonna be married wif him an she was preggerz. When wuz time for teh baybee, it wuz a boy, so he wuz wrapd in blanket like burrito an placd him in fud dish, cuz innkeeper wuz liek, no room here kthxbye!

Sheep-doodz n Angels

Then there wuz sheep-doods in teh field, an they wuz watchin teh sheep in teh dark. Iz vry vry boring. srsly. An suddenly, visible angel! An glory! O noez!! But teh angel sed, “is ok, you can has gud news for all teh doodz! Todai in da city ov David, you can has sayvur! is Christ da Lord! w00t! Is sign fer u, find da baybee wrapd like brrito in a big fud dish.” An suddenly, moar angelz! They sez, “w00t to teh Ceiling Cat! An peace fer doodz he luffs! Kthxbai.”

An when da angelz go invisible again, sheep-doodz sed, “sweet, nao we find teh brrito-baybee sayvur!” So dey left da sheeps (sheeps r vry borng) and found Joe an Mary and da baybee in da fud dish. An when dey saw it wuz baybee an not brrito, they told evrywun he wuz kewl, An all teh doodz who herd were lyke, “neat-o brrito!” An Mary wuz lyke, “o rly?” Teh sheep-doodz sed, “Yay fer Ceiling Cat! Was not invisible brrito!” On dai noomber ate, it wuz tiem 2 circumcize him (iz laik getting fixd) an they called him Jebus, ‘coz teh angel sed tht wuz hiz name.


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As I am sponging sprayed coffee off of my keyboard I feel I must ask what brought this on?

Comment by Gerald

Because it’s teh funnyz, kthxbai.


Comment by bridgett

Wow. That’s just how my cat talks! What a neat perspective…

Comment by patti

Talkative Cat Says:

Happy Chrizmuz! Sry iz late. Talkative Cat wuz havin birfday!

Comment by magniloquence

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