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Have a Merry Cold War Christmas
December 20, 2007, 7:15 pm
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It’s that time of the year. You know the one. The day when I reluctantly face up to the fact that I probably will not get those Christmas cards sent that I bought (with such hope! such forethought!) in early November.

So please, pick your choice from this gallery. Let’s pretend that I’m doing this because I’m so green that I could never bear to kill trees and use the postal system for something so trivial as a holiday greeting, ‘k?

If you’re trying to figure out how to turn poor planning into virtue, you’ve come to the right place. Watch and learn…

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Don’t apologize for e-cards. Wave of the future and all that…

I’m in the same boat. Between the New Orleans trip and the end of semester crunch (which was made worse by said trip) I haven’t gotten anything done as far as cards, shopping, etc… of course, there was no procrastination involved in my situation at all. I’ve also got stuff to do to get ready for Spring. Our semester starts the Monday after AHA so I’ve got to have everything ready to go before I leave on the 3rd.

One of our new instructors has just finished her very first semester of teaching and made the mistake we all have at one time or another of having big papers and journals all due during exams. The poor woman worked herself to death getting it all done, then had to jump into preparing for a hostile in-law visit. Hence, I cannot complain.

Again with the good holiday wishes. Look for your card sometime in February.

Comment by Gerald

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