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Snowed in…
December 16, 2007, 9:41 am
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The Lord has seen fit to bless us with more snow and freezing rain, making a total of about a foot on the ground right now with more left to fall later. As this is a “snow day” (despite it being Sunday), we had the traditional snowday breakfast drink of homemade cocoa. I made good progress on my grading yesterday and will be able to complete it today if the football games don’t prove to be too exciting. That means that later today, we’ll make our gingerbread house and maybe even put up our Christmas “tree.”

I shortcut this year on the gingerbread house and will use graham crackers, but it’s more important to me that we get to do it than we wait and wait until I have all the time in the world to do it to home-magazine standards and possibly never have the experience) and decorate. I have all sorts of fun ideas for coconut snow and marshmallow snowmen and candy cane door jambs and gumdrop shingles for the roof. We’ll see how patient Kid is before she wants to eat hers.

The prefabness of our Christmas tree bums me out a little, even if I can feel good that I didn’t kill any trees for Christmas, even if I donate the cost of a “live” tree to the local food bank each year so that some child can have her belly full instead of me having a dead thing in my living room. I know it’s the right thing to do given the place we live, but…

If I were in Kentucky, we’d go up on the hill behind my mom’s house and cut a little cedar tree and knock the snow off of it. We’d stick it in a coffee can and put rocks and dirt in the can to weight it down. We’d wrap it in some aluminum foil on the base and then we’d make a popcorn string or two. We’d shape ornaments out of jar lids and scraps of fabric from the quilt bag. Wreaths and snowmen and such..pretty much anything round can be made out of a jar lid and fabric and Elmer’s glue. We’d color some with Crayolas, and we’d cut little snowflakes and hang them from thread. My dad, if he were still alive, would fold little toy boats out of newspaper for Kid to color; he’d also make her a little hat to wear around the house and maybe a little sword to wave around like a newsprint general. I’d make some clothespin ornaments — soldiers, reindeer, ballerinas, angels. We’d take apart any electronic appliances that couldn’t be repaired and strip out the copper wire and colorful bits and shape them into stars or coils or spirals for a little shine. A tree done this way provides plenty of time for talking and laughing, plenty of popcorn eaten or thrown at your brother, time to enjoy making something that will only be this way one time.

I miss that kind of Christmas. John feels burdened by the sheer number of Christmas ornaments we’ve managed to acquire over the years, so maybe leaving them all in the boxes in favor of a DIY Christmas would appeal to him.


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