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Doing the Good Mom touchdown dance
November 29, 2007, 9:52 am
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Kid’s birthday is coming up and we had gotten her a number of books that I knew she’d really be excited about. One was the sequel to Rick Riordan’s The Lightning Thief, which is an action-adventure book based loosely around Greek mythology and what would happen if young gods and heroes had to go to school. She loved that book and begged me to wake her up an hour early if she wasn’t already up so that she could race to the end of it, but it was a rather lengthy book and I figured that she wouldn’t have time to finish it between now and her birthday.

Wrong. She ripped through it in a week. So, rather than making her wait for the sequel (and fearing that her equally precocious classmates would just loan her the sequel, obviating what was clearly going to be a squealy, “Oh, that’s just so PERFECT!” gift), I slipped it in her schoolbag today so that she could read it during their free reading period.

Pandemonium broke loose when she discovered it. I guess I got some good parent bonus points for that. We have frictions, like any two parents and kid, and maybe I worry about those too much. We’re not supposed to be her buddy and not everything we say will make her immediately happy. But I take heart that we’re raising a kid that experiences
that leap of joy in receiving a new book and that we know her well enough to predict what will send her over the moon.

Of course, now I have to figure out some other thing to get her for her birthday that will be equally wow. Crap. Any ideas?


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You haven’t overseen or overheard anything else that will make her high verbal high intellect engine run overtime ??? There’s *got* to be something 🙂

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