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New look.
November 23, 2007, 9:45 pm
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Because hey, I colored my hair four days ago and not a f’ing soul — not even my husband or kid — noticed. I might go back to the pen. I might not.

Two questions:

Is everyone able to read this alright?


What does it mean that my recommended searches in RSS are “cerebral palsy” “Mephisto shoes” “The End Times” and
“Dr. Who”? Who the hell has been using my computer?!!!


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!. I love the look, and I can read it.
2. I have no idea.

Comment by patti

1. Looks good!

2. Could it be the Kid? Given your descriptions of her aggressively energetic and all-encompassing curiosity I could see this sort of melange coming up.

Comment by Gerald

I hope it’s a coded message that an upcoming episode of Doctor Who, “The End Times,” features a companion with CP and a shopping trip to Mephisto Shoes….

Comment by Penny

I like the new look (and I have no idea why it would say that.)

Don’t let the husband and kids bum you out, they never seem to notice anything unless it impacts them directly. More importantly did your friends notice?

Comment by Busymomma66

I don’t think the new layout is as readable (both mechanically and organizationally) as the previous one. Maybe it’s just my aging eyes and decade-old specs (I *really* must do something about that) that make it harder for me to actually read the text, but that’s not what leads to my disenchantment with the page’s new organization.

Two things I dislike, quickly:

1. The “recent comments” section, formerly prominently featured at the right-hand side of the page, is now stuck at the very bottom–so far down that I didn’t discover it until I noticed it lurking below this comment as I was typing it (and then going back to your homepage to find it starving for attention in the antipodes, as far away from your most recent blogging as possible. That’s very inefficient and seriously blunts the interaction that used to get a nice focus. (Same argument, less strenuously, for the “recent posts” section, which is handy for those who don’t check in every day.)

2. The line that mentions how many comments an entry has received (and which links to them) is printed in Flyspeck 4 right under the entry’s title, in a time and at a place when I’m not looking for it. Once I’ve read what you have to say, *that’s* when I’ll want to write a response or see what others have had to say about it–and the previous layout had that link more prominently displayed right at the end of the article, where it should be. In the new setup, it puts me in mind of the dessert cart being rolled up to the table right after the appetizers have been ordered.

Well, okay…maybe that wasn’t so “quickly” after all–but you know how I get when UI issues arise, don’t you? Well, you do *now*…

Comment by John Gruver

John — Woo hoo! At least it prompted you to comment.

I have been trying to sit with this format but the things that you don’t like, I don’t like much either. ESPECIALLY the crazy placement of recent comments. I either can get the blogroll where one can click it easily or I can get the recent comments up where they were.

I have to admit that the lighter grey type isn’t doing it for me over the long haul either. It’s a little too small. I think for visually impaired readers, it’s going to be a stressor.

Comment by bridgett

This one seems to be more functional. I liked the picture on the intermediate one, though.

Comment by nm

Busymomma — welcome! No, not a soul noticed! Not my friends, not my students, not my coworkers, not my family (including my momma, who is fanatically anti-hair dye), not anybody! I finally pointed it out to my husband (who was embarassed), who thought that it was a tribute to the excellent subtle choice I had made. Nice save, buster. …

Comment by bridgett

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