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Happy Thanksgiving
November 22, 2007, 8:31 am
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Yes, we did wind up with the turducken. (My husband is such a noodj.) I’ll post pictures. We’re going to watch the parade and enjoy the day quietly, making food and worrying about the shortage of helium. Nothing says “global party over” like running out of happy gas.

In other sobering news, one of the members of Chloe’s dance team had a severe allergic reaction last night (don’t know what she got into, as she’s never had this problem before) and went from being a chatty teenager talking about IM and what she wanted for Christmas to being in an ambulance on oxygen in less than a half hour. She spent the night in observation and the plan was to release her this morning. It was impressive to see how the staff handled this (the girl in question is daughter of their ballet mistress) and the kids (though understandably rattled to see their friend so suddenly felled) carried on with their practice. The teenagers took over the ballet class and turned it into a lesson on how to dance “Soldier Boy” so now Kid is bouncing around the house flying like Superman. (For those of you over 20, “Soldier Boy” is this year’s Electric Slide)

I know I’ve been working with too many administrative “action plans for Avian flu” but I was relieved that the kid didn’t have something fast-moving and communicable, seeing as how there’s fifty girls in the studio on any given night.


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This used to happen regularly to my son. Now we get allergy shots. Thank God for allergy shots. Can’t wait to see the pictures! I’ve always wanted to see that.

Comment by patti

Happy Turducken Helium day!

and pics! yay!

Comment by imfunny2

also, from

Serving Size: 1/12 of a recipe

Servings Per Recipe: 12 (2.5 pounds of turducken per serving, if the 30-pound example shown above is typical)

* Calories – 1733
* Calories from Fat – 1005
* Total Fat – 111.6g – 172%
* Saturated Fat – 33.4g – 167%
* Cholesterol – 577mg – 192%
* Sodium – 816mg – 33%
* Potassium – 2087mg – 58%
* Total Carbohydrates – 10.5g – 3%
* Dietary Fiber – 0.6g – 2%
* Protein – 158.5g – 317%
* Sugars – 1.7g
* Vitamin A – 11%
* Vitamin C – 8%
* Calcium – 16%
* Iron – 128%
* Thiamin – 66%
* Niacin – 508%
* Vitamin B6 – 192%
* Magnesium – 61%
* Folate – 43%

Comment by imfunny2

2.5 lbs? That sounds like a whole lotta turducken.

We’re running out of Helium? How can we be running out of Helium? Isn’t it the second most common element in the universe? Actually, now I’m curious about how we obtain Helium. I know that the Earth’s gravity is too low to retain free Helium in the atmosphere, so I guess it has to be bound up in some compound or something that get processed into Helium gas. I’ll look it up later.

Anyway, Happy Day of Mourning and Remembrance! Wow, that really doesn’t work, does it? Let’s try Happy Parade and Turducken Day!


Comment by Gerald

We mine helium, I think.

According to the packaging, a 6 oz serving of our kind of turducken (which looks a lot like a pre-stuffed rolled roast) is 170 calories and has 7 g of fat. Our family is too small to eat a full turducken. I bought a turkey breast to fix tomorrow or Saturday, but we really won’t need it today. Thanksgiving is our favorite holiday so we tend to try to extend the good vibe for multiple days….

Comment by bridgett

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