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November 13, 2007, 11:25 pm
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Dear Student X,

Sorry to hear that you’re under the weather. Please turn in your paper via e-mail attachment so that it won’t be late. Otherwise, the customary penalties apply. Get the notes from a classmate; as always, the lecture slides are available through your Blackboard account.


Your prof.


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Wow. You’re a nice professor. “Turn it in by e-mail and get the notes from someone” is definitely on the kinder side.

Good on you for holding your tongue!

Comment by Magniloquence

wait, i want to know what student x’s followup nasty email was about. i like gossip like that.

Comment by Emily

Oh, just how she felt that I wasn’t being available enough to the needs of students and that she was paying a lot of money and had expected more of me.
You know, a fantasy of unlimited entitlement that positions the female professor as a mom/personal servant. The last issue of NWSA analyzed students’ gendered expectations of their professors and it’s pretty common-place for students to brand women professors as “unavailable” when they do things
like only hold the office hours required of them by their schools.

She still hasn’t turned in the paper, incidentally. Nor has she downloaded the Powerpoint set.

Comment by bridgett

Good gracious. Was she raised by wolves? Really entitled wolves?

I mean, yes, I did e-mail my professors (particularly my advisor) at all hours….but I never expected them to actually answer me at 3 am. Some did (mostly said advisor), but that was generally a pleasant (heh) surprise. Heck, I was suprised to find people in their offices during office hours. (Mostly because I tended to make appointments in advance, rather than just showing up, but still.)

I don’t know. There’s plenty to be disappointed in, with a professor. Professors who don’t know the material, who refuse to explain things, who are always late (or drunk, or high…. yes, I had one of those. Late to class daily with vodka in his water bottle and a lit cigarillo in hand. Suffice to say, that’s why my semesters of French are separated by the entirety of my college career. He did teach us a lot of cuss words, though.)…. if they’re not doing their jobs, then of course there’s reason to be upset.

But last I checked, college students were mostly grown folk, and mostly not related to their professors. It’s nobody’s job to follow you around and make sure you do the work, or make sure you get up in the morning, or manage your life for you (not even your mom, really… but that’s a whole ‘nother argument). When you start paying them for that service, then you can complain about their having other things to do with their lives.

(Can you tell that the majority of my friends happen to be teachers, professors, and other academic staff?)

Comment by Magniloquence

I sent links to these two posts to all of my colleagues at the college. You are developing a bit of a following here.

Comment by Gerald

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