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November 5, 2007, 6:52 am
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Time changes suck. I don’t remember having such a hard time with them before, but now I’m stumbling around anxious that I don’t know what time it is…and I forgot to change my bedroom clock, which meant that when my clock woke me up so that I could make sure that my husband got out of bed (don’t ask…yes, he has a clock of his own, but this is a service I’m happy to provide in exchange for his pioneering work with thermostat calibration and coffee-grinding on cold mornings), I was actually an hour premature.


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Hunh. I live so far into my electronics that I didn’t even notice it until I accidentally looked at a non-wired clock. I woke up and my computer knew what time it was supposed to be, my phone knew what time it was supposed to be, and my boyfriend’s phone (which happens to be our alarm clock, despite the perfectly good alarm clock on the exact same nightstand that he places his phone….) knew what time it was…. so it wasn’t until I wandered back into the room to wake him up and did a double take at the (largely ignored) alarm clock that I even knew there was something going on.

… heh. I suspect my comfort with time changes is because my sense of time is really bad. I never know what time it is. But I spend my days surrounded by self-correcting technology, so… I don’t have to pay attention.

Comment by Magniloquence

I had a student last week who tried to convince me that she missed class on Monday because she had reset her clocks a week early. When I pointed out that this should have made her an hour early rather than an hour late, she just looked confused.

Comment by Gerald

Yes, I admit it. I ran the scenario through in my head, whether it would be plausible for me to claim that I had missed my classes because of a clock mishap. (What can I say? I was highly undermotivated this morning and often come up with ludicrous time-wasting scenarios rather than getting to the prep that I will eventually have to do.) It turns out that this would be a bullshit excuse, as it was when one of my students used it with me a few hours later, for exactly the reason you describe.

She too looked confused.

Comment by bridgett

I’m relieved to find that I’m not the only person who does that. Particularly late in a given semester I am prone to spend all of my mental time between turning off the alarm and climbing into the car to go to work fabricating elaborate yarns I could spin to justify my not showing up. In the long run, though, I am happy I haven’t used them because as time has passed I’ve found that some of them (like car failure when it was too late to get to class) have actually happened.

Comment by Gerald

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