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It’s unfashionable to admit this…
October 21, 2007, 9:42 am
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but I like Wade Robson. I saw him perform live this summer and I’d happily line up to see him again any time he’s in town. I have seen a lot of male dancers in my life — I saw Villella in his prime, Mark Morris, Barishynikov, and many others who dance for smaller companies that most people outside the dance world haven’t ever heard of. I watch dance all the time. He’s different for me. He’s not dancing in a style; he is the style.

This is the only person in the last twenty years who I get the Fosse feeling from. When you watched Bob Fosse in the 1960s, you were seeing a bodily vocabulary that was his and that you knew was so compelling that everyone everywhere was going to be imitating it. Clearly this guy has built on an early education with Michael Jackson, but it’s not stalled in 1983. And like Mark Morris, he’s able to communicate effectively with young dancers, so I foresee him becoming an influential teacher as his performing days come to an end.

Yes, he dances on TV. Yes, he choreographs for pop stars. Yes, he promotes dance shoes and does cheesy dance competition tutorials and works with Fox-TV and cuts pop albums and whatever…so what? I won’t dismiss him for effectively working to get his work seen by millions of people or think he’s less serious because he’s more economically successful. People who write need to write, but they also want people to read their books. People who dance need to dance, but they also want people to watch them perform.

Watch him (he’s the ringmaster) and the rest of his company and tell me I’m wrong:


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