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I’m not this Bridgett Williams
October 19, 2007, 1:39 pm
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I’m not nearly as articulate.

It’s weird, though. For many years, I knew of no one with my name (even though I’m now hyphenated on the last name) and then I began to see the listing for a basketball coach with a really good record. Now I run across this woman. I’m sure there are tons of others in the world. When I was a child and my world was a local one, I felt very proud that I was the only one of me. Now that I am an adult, it makes me feel good that all these other accomplished women are also bearing the name, connected to me though mercifully independent of my failings.

Unfortunately, I am this Bridgett Williams, whose first book is ranked in the 4 millions at Amazon. The customers are right. It was a shitty book, produced under a shitty contract, but it paid for my first year of grad school and that allowed me to go on to have the life I have now. So good did come of it, even if it was mortifying to see how the “editor” at the park (slogan: now with one hundred percent more typographical and grammatical errors!) messed up the manuscript. Once I signed the contract, I really had no control over the end result. Live and learn. I have been offered contract works since then and I have always turned it down.

If I ever get a moment when I’m not grading tremendously bad student essays, I might finish up my second one…and this one will be ever so much better. It helps to know what you’re doing.


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Hey, at least you have a book on Amazon. I’ve got a prospectus for a ditched dissertation and some notes toward a couple of other books, and that’s it. Well, that plus thousands of blog posts.

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