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No fool like an old fool.
October 18, 2007, 3:28 am
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What is to be done about old fools like this one? (Warning: breath-catching naked racism alert.)

What’s the implication when an avowed white supremacist is in charge of one of the bigger centers for genetics research in the US? Eew.


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There is nothing whatsoever to be done about him. He’s always been like this. I could tell you stories….

Comment by nm

*rolls eyes* Funny. He’s younger than I thought.

And see, now I wanna hear those stories….

Comment by magniloquence

Nothing spectacular. Just years of misogyny, with occasional ethnic bigotry thrown in. I remember hearing a lot about (future Nobel Prize winner) Barbara McClintock’s lack of fashion sense. Oh, and a future head of research at NIH, a good friend of my mother, was “the one who can show you how not to keep a man.” I got a million of them. My father post-doc’ed at the Cold Spring Harbor lab back when it was Carnegie Institute of Genetics. And we spent a lot of summers there. Remember I told you about driving from St. Louis to NY and back every year with three sqabbling kids in the car? That was where we were going. The thing is, this all took place within a context that was so removed from, well, the real world, that it was hard to see when you were in the middle of it. The center of the universe was the exciting new research. And it was new. And it was exciting. And he had done something wonderful. Everything revolved around that.

Comment by nm

That’s funny. I think I knew (or had deduced) that he was a family friend of yours. All my crazy chemistry stories have to do with industrial chemistry and the perfection of DDT (something that my husband’s granddad did — he didn’t invent it, but he did make it possible to human beings to fuck up the food chain more efficiently…there’s an interesting story about how all that came to pass in the middle of WWII, right before the ramp-up into the Pacific…)

Comment by bridgett

Not a family friend. He was far too grand for that. Also he was an occasional visitor to Cold Spring Harbor in those days, not the head of the place. But a bunch of young microbiologists led by a few slightly older ones naturally idolized him. I mean, I’m going back to just a couple of years after the first double helix paper had been published, and folks were getting their research freaks on.

My mother has a story of when I was just starting to talk. She came into the room where I was in my playpen and heard me going over my words. According to her, they were mama, dada, cookie, and DNA.

Comment by nm

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