My Beautiful Wickedness

A typical mom-ly weekend day.
October 13, 2007, 11:49 am
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Wake up at 5. Start the baking. Shower, make coffee, grade during the rise. Put in the bread and mix up the muffins for breakfast. Everyone else gets up. Take out the bread, aat breakfast. Wash dishes, make beds, start the laundry (our washing machine thumps as it spins, so I have to wait until everyone’s awake). Fix kid’s hair for dance, help her do an inventory of her equipment and fill her water bottle. Get her to dance class 25 minutes away. Supervise every minute of two-hour dance class — there will be a quiz. Take notes. Sympathize with the Other Mothers for whatever stuff is going on in their lives. Cheer on kid. Depart from the studio, making sure that all props and shoes get in the car. Get quizzed about the dance class. Go grocery shopping. Work on math skills by converting weekly grocery bill cost into Webekins. ($100 is 5 Webekins.) Stop again to get gift wrap and cards (.75 Webkins). Get home, unload, put groceries away. Thank husband for cleaning kitchen, folding laundry, making lunch. Eat lunch. Fill crockpot for dinner. Remember five minutes later to turn on the crockpot. Wrap present. Fold more clothes. Grade for a half-hour, interrupted by fixing kid’s hair, helping her change her earrings, darning her tights. Answer e-mail. Run daughter to friend’s birthday party 40 minutes away. Find nearby library — grade. Pick kid up from party and debrief on the long ride home; listen to long involved story about allosaurs and the difference between the Cretaceous and Jurassic periods. Go home, thank husband for cleaning cat box and cleaning the upstairs bathroom. Pull kid off ceiling from the super-wicked frosting buzz. Vacuum/swiffer (set up Roomba upstairs, Swiffer downstairs to maximize efficient pet hair removal). Supervise dusting of furniture and baseboards and watering of plants. Clean downstairs bathroom. Play board game with family. Lose. Answer e-mail and look up menu. Collective cooking project (apple enchiladas.). Light candles, have a quiet meal at home. Supervise spelling homework. Listen to reading aloud from His Dark Materials series; pass the book around and take turns. Watch a little baseball. Put kid to bed. Televiserphonernet while watching baseball. (Write a letter to mother and one to mother-in-law. Answer e-mail. Look at blogs. All while watching TV too.)Grade some more. Bed.


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I’m exhausted just reading about it.

Comment by listie

Today it’s been grading all day long. I am numb.

Comment by bridgett

Oof. We should give out medals for things like this.

Comment by magniloquence

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