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The whole trouble with not bitching…
October 11, 2007, 8:54 pm
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is that no one notices that you’re not bitching and says “wow! good job for just sucking it up!”


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This is So True.

Comment by nm

LOL! That is damn profound! 🙂

Comment by Ginger

Wow, have you been reading my mind? That is really… appropriate… for me right now.

Comment by magniloquence

Precisely so!

Comment by Krista

Unless, of course, your ever over-emoting sister first brings herself to death’s door by walking romantically in a damp, romantic garden, refusing to change her wet shoes, and then as a result (trust me on this, don’t think about the germ theory of disease) develops an almost fatal fever. If that happens, she will realize that suffering in public isn’t the way to go, after all, and ask you for your secret. And then she’ll say “wow! good job for just sucking it up!” Or so Austen assures us, at least.

Comment by nm


And when you decide to do some geniuine bitching, you get the pinched stare of:

“Why can’t she just remain silent and suck it up?”

There is no win-win in the “To Bitch Or Not To Bitch” dilemma

Comment by imfunny2

You are so right.

Comment by jo(e)

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