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Sounds more like spring training than the division playoffs.
October 11, 2007, 8:52 pm
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The National League — it disappoints. First, I don’t get TBS. I don’t mean that I don’t understand the decision to stick it
on cable; I mean that I don’t pay for cable and therefore can’t see these games. Secondly, these are not real baseball teams. The Diamondbacks? The Rockies? For the love of Mike, where are my beloved teams of yore?

It’s like the Cactus League, only late in the season.

I am looking forward to tomorrow night. I have had a tough week at work (grading piles, fractious colleagues, lingering nagging crap with my tenure application that still needs to be fixed, directing a program that has neither faculty nor
budget and a rapidly dwindling group of majors….) and wasn’t I a good person for not bitching about the prolonged visit from my seriously batty in-laws? Ah, the stories I would tell if this were a darkened bar and us on our second glass of wine.

Anyhow, I need some baseball. Good baseball.


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Hey, now…

Don’t mess with my Rockies…

I’m (amazingly) proud of them…

Only if it ever got to be a Rockies/Indians series, would I have to dump the Rockies and side with the Tribe….

Unlike the Broncos who I will hate even if I grow old and die in Denver… (*just* *can’t* hufpuff huffpuff *be* *a* Broncofan…

I don’t have bad and evil *history* with the Rockies, so being able to root for them is quite easy.

Comment by imfunny2

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