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Exoneration of the Knights Templar…
October 5, 2007, 3:35 pm
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Apparently, they weren’t heretics.

Who knew?


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So does this mean that they WEREN’T hiding the Merovingian descendants of Jesus and Mary Magdaline from the Opus Dei patriarchal conspirators in the Vatican? or does it mean they WERE? and how do the Trilateral Commission and the Lizard-Men who dominate the world fit in?

This stuff gets really confusing…

Comment by Gerald

Ummmm … medieval historians have known for centuries that the accusations against the Templars were a crock. But this story is a triumph of marketing. The writer found the document in 2001, made loud claims of having discovered this Big New Thing, and was met with a lot of ho-hums because the information in the document repeats what’s in other documents that have been known for quite some time. I’m glad that the Processos will now be published, because it may shut a lot of the crazies up, but really, what’s new about this?

Comment by nm

What’s common knowledge for those couple thousand folks with a PhD in medieval history is news to the other 6 billion who don’t.

Comment by bridgett

Yes, and that’s why I hope that this publication, and publicity about it, may be a Good Thing for the general advancement of knowledge. But I really can’t stand people who try to take credit for just having discovered something that is general knowledge within their own field. It’s as if I were to say that I was the one who first noticed and pointed out that post-Roman cities kept their baths operating for a milennium.

Comment by nm

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