My Beautiful Wickedness

At loose ends.
September 25, 2007, 1:31 pm
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Man, am I distractable today. I am nothing more than a magic satchel filled with cliches. Deflated balloon. Lost puppy.
Why turn to these similes? I am sad and restless.

Point me toward something amusing, would you?


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I don’t know whether this counts for “amusing”–but it’s wondrous and impressive and precise and heartfelt, and that sort of thing always makes me smile:

Comment by John Gruver

Still not outright amusing (I’m working on it!), but how about diverting yourself with some consideration of the religious beliefs of comics characters?

Comment by John Gruver

Alright, here you go–batshit craziness and *tons* of it:

Comment by John Gruver

I know this is making the email rounds, but just in case…

Comment by Busymomma66

This always makes me giggle…

Comment by Penny

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